Sean Wakeford – Bierfassl

A Beverage Industry Podcast with Holger Meier

Sean Wakeford one of Holger’s oldest industry friends is a guest in this episode. We take a walk down memory lane, from the days at the Crossways Hotel to Bierfassl were he has just celebrated his 20th year anniversary.

Stubbornly unique, makes it stand out and difficult to copy and difficult to compete. There must be a reason for people to visit your outlet. What makes your outlet unique. Next time you visit the Bierfassl ask for an Eisbein, a Erdinger Weissbier and a Kleiner Keiler or a merry mountain goat.

Sean is always willing to try new ideas and believes in offering his customers something that they can treat themselves with.

Sean reminded me our trip the Wartburger Hof and he tells me that I insisted that he had to Wartburg before he was qualified to open the Bierfasl.

Both Sean and Holger turn 50 years old this year and are now official industry veterans.