Glenn Bryant, Six Dogs Gin

In this episode, our guest is Craft Gin’s favourite son, Glenn Bryant, co-owner of the Six Dog Distillery. Glenn shares their 5+ year journey with us. I have watched Glenn and his team closely over the last 5 years and love the way that these industry newcomers have focused on building relationships rather than rushing into outsourcing sales and distribution to third parties. A very good lesson for new brand owners.

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Glenn has always wanted to create a product that is good enough to become a global brand. Six Dogs is already exported to 23 markets. During the liquor lockdown in South Africa, Glenn realised just how vulnerable and exposed they are to the local market, and we are very excited to hear that Six Dogs has opened a European office in the Netherlands. Following the example of the many “European Swallows”, Glenn plans to work in the Netherlands during the European summers and in Cape Town during the South African summer. We wish Glenn and the Six Dogs team all the best in this exciting new venture and trust that their work will also benefit the South African craft industry as a whole. This podcast is available on your favourite podcast app or on our YouTube channel: Visitors are welcome but by appointment only. Reach out to them here: A visit to the distillery may just change your opinion of craft gin. Directions: Listen to the interview with Yvonne Bittmann-Steyn, distributor of South African craft gin in Germany:

You can find more information about Luc Vannevel, the Belgian importer mentioned in the episode at

The Six Dogs Gin collection includes: Six Dogs Karoo Gin, Six Dogs Blue Gin, Six Dogs Pinotage Stained Gin and Six Dogs Honey Lime Gin with plans to launch a few more. Gerrit Visser, is heading up the operation in Europe:

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