[Best of] Myles Oelofse – How to import beer in South Africa?

A Beverage Industry Podcast with Holger Meier

Today’s questions is: How to import beer into South Africa. Myles Oelofse of Nordic Craft imports Mikkeller beer from Denmark. Holger asked Myles to help answer the question, as he has just been through the whole process. Myles recommends starting the process with obtaining the NLA (National Liquor Authority) distributors licence from the DTI in Pretoria. He further explains how the new tariff code procedure has been changed by SARS. Importers now need a tariff code.

Myles is married to a Dane and studied in Copenhagen where he met the founders of Mikkeller Beer and they belonged to a beer club. Mikkeller now exports his beers to over 50 countries worldwide and he has opened a number of bars around the world: http://mikkeller.dk/locations/

Myles not only offers valuable lessons of how to import beer, but he also shares his story of how he ended up importing this world famous beer to South Africa.