Alwyn Liebenberg – Lieben Wine and Gin

A Beverage Industry Podcast with Holger Meier

Our guest Alwyn Liebenberg studied transport economics at University and then worked in the distribution department of SAB Polokwane.

Alwyn has a passion for port and wines. He has made many trips to Portugal and has worked at numerous distillers and wine businesses.

Alwyn believes blending is the key to making great products and believes he learned this valuable lesson from the Portugese. Alwyn takes us on adventure of starting a bootstrapping wine and gin adventure.

Alwyn sees himself as the Uber of winemaking. Alwayn shares with us how he started a a wine and gin business in the new “Uber” economy. He obviously refers to the new Sharing Economy which is the term used for the new economy where you don’t own a farm, a warehouse a distillery.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor